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Local Testing

How to record and run Reflect tests against your local environment.

Recording against your local environment

To record a test against code running on your local machine, you can use ngrok to create a publicly-reachable URL to your local application.

Once you have an ngrok URL, you can begin recording just like you would any other site.

Running against other environments

If you want to run your new test against a different environment after it’s been recorded - for example, if your code has been deployed to a staging environment - you can do so by either:

  1. Updating the starting URL of the test via the ‘Change’ button on the Test Definition page (shown in the screenshot below). This permanently changes the URL to be used for all future runs.

  2. Run the test with a Hostname Override that replaces the ngrok hostname with that of the staging environment. Note that this only changes the URL for an individual test run - all other runs would continue using the ngrok URL.

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