No-Code Test Automation

Reflect is an all-in-one tool for building, running, and viewing end-to-end tests for your web application, without writing a line of code.
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How it works

Say goodbye to flaky tests

Reflect's unique approach makes end-to-end tests fast to create and easy to maintain. Build tests in our interactive cloud browser and get up and running with your first test in minutes.

Record your actions

Reflect's cloud browser accurately records virtually any action you can take in a web browser, including complex interactions like drag-and-drops, file uploads, and interactions with iframes or Shadow DOM.

Run anywhere, anytime

Organize tests into Test Suites. Set up custom notifications via our in-app workflow builder. Schedule tests to run on a schedule, on-demand, or after every deployment.


Ship faster with confidence

Don't let testing be the bottleneck in your development process. Get comprehensive end-to-end test coverage without the maintenance overhead of other tools.

Fast test creation

Reflect's cloud browser records your actions and automatically converts them into a repeatable test.

Easy maintenance

Auto-generated selectors minimize the chances of tests becoming out of date. Built-in waits and retries help prevent test flakiness.

Painless integration with CI

All tests run on Reflect's cloud infrastructure, and integrations with all major CI providers are included out-of-the-box.

Powerful debugging tools

Each test run includes a video of the run, along with console and network logs. Tests can be updated in real-time using our interactive test editor.

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Works with your existing development process

Reflect integrates with apps and tools that you already use to make the process of building and maintaining tests quick and easy.

Common questions around no-code testing

Why use a no-code tool over a code-based tool like Selenium or Cypress?

Code provides the ultimate level of control over your test automation. This is why many organizations embark on creating their own "test framework" built on top of a tool like Selenium. But this is not without costs. In order to utilize code-based automation, either product developers must split time between product-focused features and maintaining the regression test suite, or a separate team of automation engineers needs to be dedicated to the task of building and maintaing the test suite.

No-code tools, by contrast, can be used by non-technical team members. If those team members are doing manual testing in some capacity already, the right no-code automation tool can actually save time since it automates the work that would have been done anyway in a manual fashion. When done correctly, a no-code approach to testing fosters cross-functional participating in the testing effort and makes quality a team responsibility.

Are no-code tests maintainable?

One of the main criticisms of no-code tools is that tests created with these tools are hard to maintain. While this has historically been true, Reflect incorporates a number of modern techniques to reduce test flakiness and ensure tests are easy to maintain:

  • Multiple selectors are auto-generated for each action you take. As your app's page structure and styling changes over time, having multiple selectors ensures that Reflect has multiple different ways to target the same element, versus using a single selector that you write yourself in a code-based tool.
  • Using auto-retries instead of hard-coded waits between steps is widely considered a best practice in automated testing, and Reflect does this automatically for each test step.
  • Another best practice for reducing test flakiness is to wait for certain key API requests to complete before taking an action. The ability to wait on API requests comes standard in code-based tools like Cypress and Playwright, but you have to code these waits yourself. Reflect support this approach as well, but it goes a step further and automatically detects and waits for API requests to complete.

All-in-one web testing platform

Everything you need to build, run, and maintain comprehensive end-to-end test suites.

Get started with Reflect today

Create your first test in 2 minutes, no installation or setup required. Accelerate your testing efforts with fast and maintainable test suites without writing a line of code.

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