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Email Notifications

Get automated alerts when tests start failing.

Getting Notified

When tests fail, each user within your account will be notified via email. Each email notification includes the name of the failing test and a link to the test run that reproduces the error.

All test failure emails will be sent from and will have a subject line starting with Reflect - Test Run Failed:.

Read-Only Users

Each paid plan includes an unlimited number of read-only users. These are users who are not able to create, edit, or delete tests, but can otherwise view test results and receive email notifications. Read-only users are perfect for folks in your organization who want to be kept abreast of test results but otherwise aren’t creating tests or maintaining the test suite.

Note: Looking to add additional read-only users? Please contact us

Integrating with Slack

Want to get notified in Slack about any test failures? Using Slack’s Email plugin, you can trigger messages to be sent to a channel of your choice whenever a Reflect test run fails.

The one-time setup process for this integration is as follows:

  • Install the Slack ‘Email’ plugin via the link above.
  • Create a new “read only’ user in Reflect using the email address provided by Slack.
  • Under the ‘Integration Settings’ section in Slack, select the channel that should receive Reflect test failure messages.
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