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Zero Installation

Creating a test is as simple as entering a URL and using your site, mobile, or web application. No installation whatsoever.

Write Once, Run Anytime

Reflect tests are authored and run within our cloud-based browser, which produces a human-readable test plan that you can run as often as you'd like.

Mobile Device Testing

Looking for mobile support? Reflect supports mobile and tablet testing out-of-the-box, and can even test React native apps.

Framework Agnostic

Reflect supports a wide range of user interactions that work across all Javascript frameworks.

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“Reflect is the perfect tool for manual testers without coding skills to be able to automate flows that they'd usually test manually.”
Valeria Sarro /
Automation Tester, Abstracta

Failure Monitoring

Be notified immediately when there's a problem with your site

Maintaining automated tests is painful. Code-based tests miss obvious bugs, are difficult to maintain, and only approximate how real users interact with your site. Manual tests are effective, but are costly and slow to execute.

Reflect tests are machine-derived, but still emphasize maintainability. Reflect supports several modes for editing tests, including modifying text input values and accepting visual changes that would fail previous assertions. Additionally, Reflect supports deleting test steps and recording a new test using a prefix of an existing test. Reflect makes web application testing easier than ever before.

Test Execution

Precise repro steps for every bug

Reflect's built-in test scheduler allows you to set up recurring tests that execute within our own managed test grid. Get up and running immediately without having to integrate with a third-party test grid like Sauce Labs or Browserstack.

When tests fail, you'll be notified immediately. Each test failure includes a full-screen video reproducing the bug, along with network requests and Javascript console logs to help you not just triage the problem, but root-cause it.

Test Management

Automation without the maintenance burden

Making test creation easy only solves half the problem. Tests need to also be easy to maintain. Reflect provides simple workflows for common maintenance tasks like accepting visual changes or changing input values. Our re-record feature fast-forwards you directly to any point in a test, allowing you to make larger changes via the same approach used for recording new tests.

Test Composition allows you to record common actions such as 'sign in' workflows once and use them across many tests. You can chain these reusable tests together to test complex workflows in an easily-maintainable way.

CI/CD Integrations

End-to-end testing with every deployment

Our built-in test scheduler allows you to get up and running quickly, but if you're looking to execute your tests via your existing CI/CD solution — we've got you covered.

Reflect integrates with any on-prem or cloud-hosted CI/CD solution, including popular solutions like Jenkins and CircleCI. With our CI/CD integrations, we make it easy for you to execute end-to-end tests automatically on any deployment, or even on every Pull Request.

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Detect Visual Regressions

See your site through your users' eyes

Reflect allows you to identify an element's visual appearance and fails tests when visual regressions change its appearance too much.


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