Salesforce Testing with Reflect

Automated end-to-end testing for Salesforce applications

Automated testing, when done right, can be transformative to your business. It allows your development team to move faster, improves software quality, provides confidence that your application is working on every new release or Salesforce platform upgrade, and empowers your testing team to get more done, faster.

But in the Salesforce ecosystem, robust test automation is extremely difficult to achieve. That’s why so many organizations rely on extensive manual testing for their Salesforce apps, resulting in long drawn-out development cycles, and reduced confidence that a new release isn’t going to break existing behavior for your users.

A no-code testing approach for Salesforce apps

To do automation testing on Salesforce today, your choices are between complex, specialized tools, or general-purpose test automation tools like Selenium that require gnarly hacks to work within the Salesforce platform. Reflect is a new alternative: a no-code, browser-based testing tool that allows you to test your Salesforce apps just like any other web application.

Reflect is a robust automation framework that lets you automate the functional testing, integration testing, and regression testing of your Salesforce apps. Whether you’re testing in a sandbox environment or on the production Salesforce platform, with Reflect you can replace your time-consuming manual test passes with an automated testing process that provides significant test coverage, saving you weeks of time and effort.

Fully compatible with both Salesforce Lightning and Classic

Reflect has full compatibility with all Salesforce features on the Classic and Lightning applications, replacing your costly manual testing efforts and acting as a complement to your Apex code unit test cases and API testing.

With Reflect, you can:

Easier than existing solutions

Instead of using Selenium Web Driver or similar tools that require complex configurations and test scripts, your QA team can get significant code coverage through Reflect’s no-code automated testing workflow. To create a test in Reflect, your testers simply run through their test steps manually; Reflect records your actions and turns them into an automated test that you can execute at any time.

Whether you’re testing basic CRM functionally or advanced features, or testing flows specific external users or internal users, Reflect enables you to verify the functionality of the application is in working condition. And Reflect only requires basic knowledge of test automation concepts; if you know what to test, you can automate it.

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