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Customer Testimonials

"At Trendhim we have been doing frontend E2E tests for quite some time with testing tools using Selenium, but they have been costly to write and maintain and often ends up being somewhat outdated due to something being pushed off the edge in a rush, leaving us with less confidence that everything is working as intended...

Recently I've been testing out a SaaS company with a mission to fix this once for all by:

  • Blazing fast test creation & maintenance
  • Fixing brittle tests (insane amount of selectors)
  • Ability to push responsibility back to product owners

...The results are nothing but amazing so far."

CTO, Trendhim

"Reflect has been a game changer for our testing. The product itself is really easy to pick up and makes creating tests really simple."

Founder, Portal

"Tests your product just like a real life user uses it."

Engineer, Quickcard

"Reflect is a must-have tool to have in your kit when testing websites and mobile web apps. However, the best part about Reflect is the team. They are open to feedback and constantly communicating with their customers on fixes and features that they have implemented.

I look forward to watching them grow and seeing how they disrupt the testing automation space."

QA Engineer, Seven Pico

"Brilliant product. We finally have proper testing set up after trying a bunch of other tools, and with Reflect it was super easy."

Founder, Savvy

"Reflect makes it easy to build repeatable, end-to-end tests for our user-facing application. It's point-and-click testing that actually works.

We get high confidence in the product we're shipping without investing a bunch of effort into test infrastructure or dealing with flaky tests."

Founder, Xkit

"We were able to implement and get value from it so quickly at my last company that I brought it with me to my new company."

COO, Stronghold

"Creating and updating tests on Reflect is pretty straightforward compared to similar automation solutions I've used in the past. It's honestly one of the most intuitive testing tools I've used."

Head of QA, Golden

"Reflect allowed us to easily expand our test suite to include purchases with multiple different payment methods. With these tests in place we can confidently deploy code to production knowing that everything is functioning as expected."

Developer, The Motley Fool

"Just wanted to say how impressed I am with Reflect so far. As you know, my team has been running point on the integration. They've had nothing but good things to say, and I just spent some time poking around the tool and am blown away by it.

We are very much a "Choose Boring Technology" team and it's not often we are early adopters of new technology unless it really solves a pain point. Thank you!"

Founder and CTO, Welcome

"Reflect is a great tool. It doesn't require any setup or extended tutorial reading. You can start automating from the first minute after creating Reflect account.

All actions to begin to automate are intuitive. Anyone can create automated test-cases. You don't need special knowledge to do it."

QA Analyst, Sestra Systems

"Reflect allows us to easily automate tests. It is easy to learn, easy to use and has unending support from their team!"

Senior Quality Analyst, PicnicHealth

"Reflect makes automated QA super easy to set up and lets me sleep easier at night knowing that I'll be notified as soon as any important functionality breaks on my site. The team has also been really supportive and is constantly improving the tool in the right ways.

Can't be beat for small teams who need affordable and frequent automated QA!"

Engineer, MTailor
4.7 / 5.0
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