Cross browser testing

Record once, run anywhere. Reflect makes it easy to test across all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.
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No-code test builder

Stop letting bugs slip through

With Reflect's no-code test builder, you can build tests that can instantly run across multiple browsers.

Comprehensive browser coverage

With support for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, running tests on Reflect gives you browser coverage for 95%+ of your user base.

Detailed results for each test run

Each test run includes a full-screen video of the run, as well as console and network logs to aid developers in reproing and root-causing issues.


Why Reflect for Cross Browser Testing

Getting cross-browser test coverage shouldn't be a huge effort. With Reflect's all-in-one platform, you can run automated tests across browser vendors without managing your own infrastructure.

No-code test builder

Reflect's best-in-class test recorder makes it fast and easy to create automated tests.

Test editor and debugger

View and edit tests in real time, including support for setting breakpoints, passing dynamic data, and performing a wide array of assertions.

Detect visual changes

Visual testing support is included out-of-the-box. Get coverage for regressions that are normally hard to catch without a lot of manual effort.

Automatic browser updates

Reflect's cloud infrastructure is continually updated to ensure your tests run against the most recent versions of each browser.

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Works with your existing development process

Reflect integrates with apps and tools that you already use to make the process of building and maintaining tests quick and easy.

Common cross-browser testing questions

What are the most commonly used desktop browsers?

StatCounter publishes statistics on browser vendor usage, including showing monthly historical trends across different devices and countries. As of January 2023, Chrome maintains a 60.6% share of the US desktop browser market, with Safari, Edge, and Firefox being the next most popular browsers. These four browsers combined account for over 95% of the US desktop browser marketshare.

How can I run automated tests on Safari?

Apple's Safari web browser is the second most popular desktop browser, with over 15% marketshare. It also is the most difficult browser to test in an automated way. Safari is only supported on MacOS, which means that you'll need to run automated Safari tests on a dedicated Mac device, or use a virtualized Mac. Due to the cost of maintaining your own servers or paying for a virtualized instance (Mac virtualized devices typically cost 10x or more what you'd pay for a Linux instance), this can be an expensive proposition.

Reflect tests can be run across all four modern browsers, including Apple Safari, with zero extra work. This is because Reflect records tests in a cross-compatible way. So even if you start by running tests exclusively on Google Chrome, you can always run tests cross-browser in the future without making any modifications to your existing tests.

How often do new browsers versions get released?

Beginning with Google Chrome, most browser vendors now maintain an aggressive release schedule, opting for frequent smaller releases rather than larger releases that occur more sporatically. Release schedules for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are public, and are each set at a one month cadence for major releases.

Among the most popular browsers, Apple Safari is a notable exception in that it sees major releases much less frequently, and releases them along with updates to MacOS itself. Due to its relatively infrequent release schedule, its lack of an auto-update by default, and the tight coupling of Safari with MacOS, there is much more fragmentation of users across older versions of Safari as compared to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

All-in-one web testing platform

Everything you need to build, run, and maintain comprehensive end-to-end test suites.

Get started with Reflect today

Create your first test in 2 minutes, no installation or setup required. Accelerate your testing efforts with fast and maintainable test suites without writing a line of code.

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