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$0 per month
Flexible pricing
for your business
Advanced features
and priority support
Test Execution Time
30 minutes (~100 test runs) Custom Custom
Test Creation
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Users 5 users Unlimited Unlimited
Retention Policy
30 days 30 days Custom
Parallel Testing
Starting at 3x parallelism Custom
Cloud Recorder
Mobile Testing
API Testing
Video Playback
Network / Console Logs
CI/CD Integrations
API Access
Static IP
Available as add-on
Email Testing
Available as add-on
Cross-Browser Testing
Available as add-on
SMS Testing
Available as add-on
More Powerful VMs
Available as add-on
Test Private Environments
Priority Support
$0 per month
Unlimited test creation
~100 test runs per month
5 users
30 day retention policy
Console/network logs
Mobile web
API testing
CI/CD integrations
Flexible pricing for your business
all features from Free plus:
Additional test runs
Unlimited users
Parallel testing
with additional Premium features:
Email testing
Static IP
Cross-browser testing
SMS testing
More powerful VMs
Advanced features and priority support
all features from Custom plus:
Custom retention policy
Test private environments
Priority support
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial Reflect before being charged?

Yes, all new accounts receive a two week free trial of our Custom tier which lets you create, manage and schedule tests just like our paid plans. When you are ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so directly within Reflect.

Can I run tests in parallel?

Yes! Our Custom and Enterprise pricing plans include support for parallel testing. Extra parallelism can be added on to either plan for an additional charge.

How do I integrate my CI/CD with your API?

Every Reflect account includes access to our CI/CD integrations. The API supports executing a test or a set of tests by issuing an HTTP request using your API key. For more information, please see our documentation on integrating with CI/CD.

Can I import my existing tests into Reflect?

We offer test migration services where we work with a third-party testing service to replicate your existing test suite in Reflect. This ensures your tests are built using the testing best practices we recommend to all of our customers. We provide this as an option for our Enterprise tier customers, and can convert both manual test plans as well as existing automated suites.

For more information, please schedule a demo.

Do you support cross-browser testing?

Yes, Reflect supports running tests on the most popular modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. We regularly update our infrastructure as new browser versions are released.

Can I test applications that are behind a login?

Yes! Reflect captures all of your actions including logging in to your application. Whatever test account you currently use to test your application can be used with Reflect. Additionally, Reflect supports variables, which allows you to dynamically control login credentials at run time.

What does "retention" mean?

Each pricing tier has its own Retention policy, which represents the amount of time your test runs will be visible within our system. So for example, a retention policy of 30 days allows you to see about a month's worth of test runs. The lone exception here is that the latest test run for each test will always be visible. Tests themselves are retained forever unless explicitly deleted by a user.

Can I test applications that are not publicly accessible?

Yes! You can configure Reflect to send all traffic via a single Static IP. You can then configure the firewall rules in your organization to allow access from this IP, which enables Reflect to access test environments that are not publicly accessible.

Additionally, Reflect can access private environments via the Reflect Agent, an open-source daemon that establishes a secure Wireguard tunnel between your infrastructure and Reflect.

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