Scale your subscription with your needs.

All plans include a free, 7 day trial and are month-to-month, cancel anytime.

Per month
1 user
Free read-only users
Unlimited recordings
1,000 test runs
1 week retention
Per month
2 users
Free read-only users
Unlimited recordings
4,000 test runs
2 weeks retention
Per month
5 users
Free read-only users
Unlimited recordings
20,000 test runs
1 month retention
Test migration service
Custom users
Unlimited recordings
Custom test runs
Custom retention
Test migration service

Recordable actions and features included with every subscription


as well as mobile tap and swipe detection

Form fields

including text fields, radios, dropdowns, and textareas


including both CSS-based and JS-based


both on the document and within scrollable sub-elements

Site Navigation

via Back, Forward, or Refresh buttons


and "contenteditable" elements


covering both native and third-party libraries

File Upload

includes automatic detection of file upload requests


and multi-site tests, including support for Single Page Apps (SPAs)

Mobile Testing

including support for both handheld and tablet devices

Visual Diff

comparing pixel-by-pixel differences of expected vs. actual UI


using a predefined schedule or with our on-demand API

Network Logs

including failing or 404ing network requests

Video playback

full-video recordings of test failures

Email notifications

to automatically notify you when failures happen

Javascript Console logs

for root-causing hidden issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trial Reflect before being charged?

Yes! All of our plans include a free, no-risk trial of 7 days, and can be canceled before the trial ends without any charge on the credit card. You can see your next charge date in the application on the Settings page.

What if I have existing tests?

The Pro subscription tier includes a one-time service wherein our Support team will import your existing tests into your Reflect account. We can import existing tests in Selenium and other automated formats, as well as plain-text English.

How does the monthly limit work?

You can view your current monthly usage in the application on the Settings page. If you exceed your monthly test execution limit, you'll be charged the same price per test as you pay in your current tier. Any scheduled tests or on-demand executions will continue to run.

How do I integrate my CI/CD with your API?

The Standard, Pro and Enterprise subscription tiers include access to our API. The API supports executing a test or a set of tests by issuing an HTTP request using your API key. For more information, please contact us at

Do you support cross-browser tests?

Currently, we support executing tests against Chrome, including mobile and tablet support via device emulation. Firefox support will be generally available in early 2020, with support for other browsers soon after that.

How is a "test run" defined?

A test run is any time that a test definition is executed within a specific browser on a specific device, whether the execution is triggered via an API call, periodic schedule or manually on-demand.

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