Development and testing trends, how-tos, and guides from the Reflect community.
End-to-end Testing
6 min read
Visual Validation: Does Your Site Pass the Eye Test?
Visual validation is one of the most common tasks in web development for helping maintainers ensure the visual aspects of their user experience. Automated tools, such as Reflect, allow you to easily track your site's UI over time and be notified whenever changes appear.
End-to-end Testing
How-tos & Guides
8 min read
How to Design a QA Process
Communication is key to effective software testing. This guide discusses a typical software quality assurance (QA) process, including ownership and communication guidelines.
End-to-end Testing
4 min read
Mapping the Testing Pyramid to Automated Testing Tools
Automated testing tools exist across all parts of the testing pyramid, and it's up to you to decide which parts of your development lifecycle that you want to automate.
4 min read
Launching on Product Hunt
Last week we launched the free tier of Reflect via Product Hunt. We were fortunate enough to become the #5 Product of the Day! Here we talk about our experience on the Product Hunt front page as well as share some traffic and conversion numbers.

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