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Launching on Product Hunt

Last week we launched the free tier of Reflect via Product Hunt. We were fortunate enough to become the #5 Product of the Day! Here we talk about our experience on the Product Hunt front page as well as share some traffic and conversion numbers.

The Reflect Team
Published April 14th, 2020
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Moving to a Freemium Model

We’ve had our eye on moving to a freemium model, adding a new Free plan to our existing lineup of Starter, Standard, and Pro tiers. We felt Product Hunt would be the perfect launch platform for this update, given that this would be the first time that anyone could signup without a credit card and create tests using Reflect.

At its core, Reflect converts your manual test steps into an automated, repeatable test. This requires that we be able to detect and replicate a varied set of user actions as you perform them. And we must be capable of doing this for any website, regardless of JS framework. The actions we need to detect are things like:

This would be the first time that our test automation technology would be available to anyone, so for us the stakes were high. All told, over 100 fixes and enhancements went into this release!

The final result of our Github board tracking the launch of our free tier

The final result of our Github board tracking the launch of our free tier

Preparing for Launch

There are many resources available for planning for a successful Product Hunt launch. There’s also quite a bit of conflicting information. Rather than cover well-trod ground, I’d recommend reading the following two resources, which we found to be the most helpful when planning our own launch.

In general our experience mirrored what was covered in these articles, with a few exceptions that I’ll cover at the end of this post. For example, we did choose to go the route of finding a Hunter, and were fortunate to find someone who responded to our cold outreach and was willing to post for us.

Traffic and Signups

Before we share our traffic numbers, there are a few caveats worth noting.

With that in mind, here’s how we fared through the weekend:

Hourly launch-day traffic from producthunt.com

Hourly launch-day traffic from producthunt.com

On launch day our peak traffic corresponded to the hours in which we held the number two spot. As we settled into the 5th/6th position our traffic went down and plateaued for several more hours, followed by another reduction as the work-week ended.

Here’s our day-over-day traffic stats from producthunt.com:

In total, 88 users signed up for a free account which represents a “conversion rate” of roughly 7%.


There were a few things we learned that may help you in your launch:

Overall we’re pleased with the results of our launch but more importantly are excited to have a free tier of Reflect out in the world. Our goal is to increase software quality on the web and help software organizations squash bugs before they’re shipped. To accomplish this goal, Reflect needs to be available to as many folks as possible. Releasing our free tier is one major step towards that goal.

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