Revolutionize your Test Automation with Generative AI

Effortlessly create, execute, and troubleshoot automated end-to-end tests using Reflect's advanced AI capabilities.

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So long, selectors

Instead of CSS selectors or XPath locators, Reflect uses Generative AI to target elements. Plain-text instructions are translated into actions and assertions automatically.

Selectors are notoriously flaky. Reflect's AI engine is present during every test run to ensure that tests automatically adapt to changes in your application over time.

Reflect AI Prompt
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System under test
123 Any St

Build tests at the speed of thought

Using Reflect, testers build end-to-end tests 10x faster than code-based frameworks like Selenium and Playwright.

Record actions in the Reflect cloud browser →
Capture actions automatically as you interact with your web app.
Define test steps via free-form AI prompts →
Write actions and assertions as text prompts, just like ChatGPT.
Transform manual test scripts into automated tests →
Using our free Chrome extension, run manual test cases as automated tests directly from test case management tools like Zephyr, TestRail, Xray.

Supercharge your Testing and Achieve Positive ROI

Establish low-code test automation at scale

The Conventional Approach Testing with Reflect
Automation engineers spend months building a custom framework on top of an open-source library. Functional Testers build regression tests significantly faster than even the most seasoned automation engineer, with no setup required.
Test coverage plateaus as most of the testing effort shifts to maintaining the existing test suite. Reflect's AI engine does the heavy lifting around maintenance, freeing up time for additional test creation and ad-hoc testing.
Tests for new features are built multiple sprints behind development, or not at all. Testing is no longer the bottleneck in the development process.
Flaky tests cause developers to have low confidence that test failures point to real defects. When bugs occur, developers are armed with comprehensive repro steps, an HD video demonstrating the bug, and complete console/network logs.

Fits into your existing workflow

With comprehensive integrations for CI/CD, issue tracking, and test case management, Reflect fits into your current development and testing process with minimal disruption.

Comprehensive test results for every release

Get to green faster with Reflect's next-generation test cloud. Built-in email and Slack integrations ensure you're notified immediately when failures occur.

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