Development and testing trends, how-tos, and guides from the Reflect community.
Front-end Development
6 min read
The Perfect Configuration Format? Try Typescript
A lot of ink has been spilled about configuration file formats. Popular formats like JSON, TOML, YAML, and XML each have their advantages and drawbacks. There's an alternative that should be receiving more attention: Typescript!
Front-end Development
8 min read
Reflection at Reflect: The Reflect and Proxy APIs
The Reflect and Proxy ES6 objects give developers access to functionality previously hidden within Javascript engine internals. We use these tools extensively at Reflect in order to intercept and redefine core web APIs.
Front-end Development
8 min read
Continuous Integration in Agile Development
This article describes continuous integration in Agile software development and provides examples of how you can implement continuous integration in the modern software development lifecycle.

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